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Meet Prasoon

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Passionate about being at the leading edge of emerging technologies and their adoption in financial markets, I also  believe, that too much of time and money is wasted on ideas that don’t work. The world, driven by technology, is changing too fast for us to reliably predict what will work and therefore today’s leaders must inspire and collaborate, not micromanage, to drive agility and innovation. Decentralization being the key.

I believe that 'working hard' is just one of the 3 pillars that leads to a successful journey, be it at life or at 'work.

The other two being - "what are we working on' & 'who are we working with'. If we are not aligned by our mind and soul to these two pillars simply working hard means little. And therefore I am passionate about mentoring people who are in their mid careers & are trying to strike a balance between the 3 pillars.

I strongly believe that humility, learning and right mentorship are in short supply. Hence to be able to contribute in this space, I mentor executives on ways, as how to productize oneself by self discovering his or her uniqueness, taking accountability, building on specific knowledge, learning from mistakes and creating an agile mindset that is always eager to continuously improve through self introspection & feedback. 

Besides, I love nurturing my interests in writing, & sharing acquired wisdom as a speaker in conferences on subjects related to disruptions in the field of finance, technology, economics plus social constructs, in how they impact the banking and financial services world in general. Specifically focusing on how adoption of AI and blockchain is leading to disruptions, in BFSI space. I am also an acting visiting faculty in business schools, passionate about teaching subjects related to economics, finance and accounting. 

Apart from HEADING Securities Services DIVISION AT Societe Generale Bank from GSC India, I am also passionate about utilizing a large part of my time outside work in collaborating with the industry, in co-creating value for people and organizations in the below areas & capacities.
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Monideep Roy

General Manager ITC Infotech Ltd


Prasoon is a goldmine of knowledge. His depth of understanding any subject, extremely thorough analytical skills, and sincerity plus dedication towards everything that he does, makes him an outstanding professional and an exceptional human being. In his professional career, in multiple occasions, where he has been put to manage very difficult and ambiguous situations, Prasoon, without exception, has come out with flying colors. His deep understanding of his domain, about customer engagement and relationship building, about business development process and about team work - makes him an asset for his organization. I feel privileged knowing him and having worked with Prasoon for many years.Wishing him all the very best in his career and life.


Serge Valente

Service Director - CIBC Mellon


Prasoon and I worked together on multiple projects for a few years in Toronto, within the financial services industry and it was a great journey to synergize on many critical transformation programs which we executed. His strategic thinking, creative innovative designs, people management approach and outstanding leadership ensures that we delivered exceptional client experience. He was able to redesign complex processes into seamless solutions that delivered long term growth, with significant cost reduction and exceptional services for us as his clients


Nalin Sinha

Senior Director - Oracle


I have had a chance of working with Prasoon when he was based in Singapore and It was an absolutely delightful experience working with him. Prasoon brings tremendous value and maturity to any client discussions, especially which are techno - functional in nature. Besides bringing extensive domain knowledge, especially in the areas of Investment Banking, Financial Systems & Asset Management, his ability to uncover the requirements and articulation of the potential solutions is exemplary. More importantly, with his calm demeanor and clarity of thought & action, he wins the confidence of his peers, co-workers and clients effortlessly. He is truly a trustworthy professional and an asset for any organization / team that he works for. Given a chance, I would definitely like to work with him again and I wish him immense happiness and success in the years ahead


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Namit Khanna

Strategic Accounts | Banking & Financial Services | Products & Services Sales


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Prasoon during our stint in one of the key relationships for OFSS. When Prasoon took over the relationship was in turmoil and with his single minded dedication, genuity, deep domain knowledge and a 'good person at heart' that he is; he won the trust of the customers and the consultants alike. Prasoon's calm demeanor, orderly way of functioning, ensuring that all threads are recorded and taken to their conclusion, logical thinking and articulation are only a few of the traits that brought him closer to customer, consultants and senior mgmt. Always pushing the mgmt for betterment of account; brainstorming alternatives to solve customer issues in best possible manner; discussions on the capital markets and investment banking news and domain; on Apple & various other tech products are some of the enriching memories that we share together. I would love to work with you again Prasoon and let's hope that happens sooner than later :


Madhumita Debnath

Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Prasoon is one of those rare individuals who excel across roles with varied demands and responsibilities and yet he remains a down to earth character who is an absolute pleasure to work with. Be it an ace analyst, or a perfect project/program manager, or an excellent engagement manager, Prasoon has donned multiple hats with ease. He has earned the respect of his customers and colleagues alike and is an asset to the teams that he works with. I wish him all the best


Seshu Chittella

Vice President Banking & Capital Markets - Tech Mahindra


Prasoon has impressed not just me but several colleagues in our organization. He thinks with clarity in any role he essays or is involved with, understands & conceptualizes quickly, plans with ease and implements with passion. He is an asset to any organization and has a very pleasing personality and known for his actions more than words. He is a corner stone for our successful engagement with a large financial services firm for several years and my best wishes to him in everything he does.

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Unbundling Transformation in Banking & Capital Markets 
Custody Services | Fund Accounting | Securities Lending | Settlements | Corporate Actions

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