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Meet Prasoon


Unbundling Transformation in Banking and Capital Markets.


Passionate about being at the leading edge of emerging technologies and their adoption in financial markets, I also  believe, that too much of time and money is wasted on ideas that don’t work. The world, driven by technology, is changing too fast for us to reliably predict what will work and therefore today’s leaders must inspire and collaborate, not micromanage, to drive agility and innovation. Decentralization being the key.

I believe that 'working hard' is just one of the 3 pillars that leads to a successful journey, be it at life or at 'work. The other two being - "what are we working on' & 'who are we working with'. If we are not aligned by our mind and soul to these two pillars simply working hard means little. And therefore I am passionate about mentoring people who are in their mid careers & are trying to strike a balance between the 3 pillars.

I strongly believe that humility, learning and right mentorship are in short supply. Hence to be able to contribute in this space, I mentor executives on ways, as how to productize oneself by self discovering his or her uniqueness, taking accountability, building on specific knowledge, learning from mistakes and creating an agile mindset that is always eager to continuously improve through self introspection & feedback. 

Besides, I love nurturing my interests in writing, & sharing acquired wisdom as a speaker in conferences on subjects related to disruptions in the field of finance, technology, economics plus social constructs, in how they impact the banking and financial services world in general. Specifically focusing on how adoption of AI and blockchain is leading to disruptions, in BFSI space. I am also an acting visiting faculty in business schools, passionate about teaching subjects related to economics, finance and accounting.