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Still have memories of the day I first met you in Iflex. An expert on Corporate actions with great understanding of various projects and the larger picture of clients strategy and transformation in this space. We worked on MIFID initiative too together. Impressed and inspired by your perseverance and curiosity to learn, to connect the dots and draw a larger picture on how the regulation would impact and change the landscape. Nice to see you grow and build while holding on these traits. Always been a great pleasure to know you, interacting with you which always has been a learning experience for me.


Jan 24

Thank you Prasoon for taking out time and visiting RVS College of Arts and Science ,Sulur ,Coimbatore.

We had interesting interactions with you. You gave a deep insight about the openings in the Banking Industry specifically the back end roles. Your brief session on Fund accounting provided us with some insight on the topic. Look forward to your visit and some collaboration .

Extremely grateful to you for taking out time in your busy schedule and spending time with us at campus.


Dec 28, 2023

Expressing my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional mentorship you provided during our time together at Socgen.

Your guidance, insights, and unwavering support have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. Your ability to share knowledge, offer constructive feedback, and provide encouragement has made a significant impact on my self development.

Thank you for being a source of inspiration.

Prasoon Mukherjee
Prasoon Mukherjee
Dec 29, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for the note, and i am sure ours would have been a combined learning journey...

Can you please sign the remark with your name so that we can continue to be in touch.... 😊


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