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Visiting Faculty in Business Schools


I am very passionate about volunteering to teach in Business Schools covering subjects related to Finance, Economics & Banking in the context of changing markets and technology disruptions that's fast impacting the ecosystem in which we work, and I strive to achieve the below digital learning objectives: Enhancing the ability to create and understand digital business models in the age of digital disruption and strategies for change in BFSI vertical. Learning how to achieve a sustainable impact on organizations through a better understanding of the connection between IT & Business. Foundation building on how to transform a great idea into an entrepreneurial venture. Developing insights into the drivers and barriers to digital transformation, using some of the key skills related to business analysis and design thinking. Understand adoption of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, ML, Data, Smart Automation, and Cloud to achieve business process transformation in BFSI. I focus on the below topics in no order of priority: Foundation Study in Machine Learning - Outlining the types of ML use cases applicable in banking and financial services covering supervised, unsupervised, & reinforcement logics. Students also get introduced to types of algorithms such as decision trees, clustering, and regression analysis to see patterns in banking and financial data sets. Advent of FINTECH in BFSI – Provides a fundamental understanding of FinTech as how its disrupting the BFSI space, with the help of technologies such as API, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning, IoT and RPA. Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies – Building awareness of the opportunities for entrepreneurship in fast-growing emerging markets. An understanding of a conceptual framework for evaluating such opportunities. And an appreciation of the types of problems that lend themselves to entrepreneurial solutions. Fundamentals of Business Analysis - An outline of this topic ensures that students are more job-ready. An industry-designed topic aimed at covering some of the core competencies surrounding requirement elicitation, fundamentals of agility, business process modelling etc. Design Thinking in Business Process Transformation - To succeed in transformation organizations need to focus on process, technology & people. An introduction of this topic helps students uncover resources to help them on executing transformation in financial institutions.


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