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Domain Consultation on Post Trade


I endeavor in assisting businesses and operations, unbundle and then re-wire their processes resulting in optimizing speed and cost of such flows adopting the below steps: DISCOVER - Most processes today are not supported with the right documentation. Or they are Scattered, incomplete, out of date and widely ignored. The challenge is in getting the process out of people's heads and into a process map, and the single most powerful tool to help gain control on processes starts with someone who understand the domain. DOCUMENT - Getting a process up on a conference room wall is great. However it doesn't help beyond a point when the real objective is in optimizing the flows where the business need, followed by the process in use to meet that need, and application plus technology being used to action the flows - all become equally important for evaluation. Therefore what is needed is a domain driven design model before and process modernization can be actioned. IMPROVE - Only once the current processes are mapped can we start to improve them. the key is in guiding teams to solve their own problems using an effective and jargon free methodology. If teams implement their ideas there is minimum pushback.


Beyond the Grind ...
Weaving Life and Work Together .

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