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Dashboard Confessional - Don't Wait

i think it's about him opening his heart up to a girl who's afraid to do likewise:first verse- though he hasn't taken the leap of faith to open himself to the girl, he can still see all that they could be. she warns him not to risk it, probably cause she knows she will have trouble giving back.chorus- he's asking her not to wait to late her gurad down and bare her soul to him. their sturdy relationship has suddenly bloomed (road is now a sudden sea) and they're both lost.second verse- she gets a glimpse into his heart that he hid because of some tragedt that happened to him before. yet she was still not ready to do the same, meaning he made the first move too early, and don't want to do it again.last verse- the relationship and sparks they had will fade if she does not open her heart to him.

Dashboard Confessional - Don't Wait




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