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Days of Tafree: How to Download and Watch the Hilarious College Comedy in HD 720p

Days of Tafree Movie Download HD 720p: A Fun-Filled College Comedy

If you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh and reminisce about your college days, then you might want to check out Days of Tafree, a 2016 Bollywood comedy film written and directed by Krishnadev Yagnik. The movie revolves around the lives of seven friends in a college, and their journey of growing up, facing the highs and lows of their relationships, love and romance, the end of their college days and the beginning of a new life. It is an official remake of the 2015 Gujarati film, Chhello Divas.

Days of Tafree movie download hd 720p

In this article, we will tell you what Days of Tafree movie is about, where you can watch it online legally or illegally, and why you should avoid piracy and support legal streaming. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about the movie.

What is Days of Tafree Movie About?

The Plot of Days of Tafree Movie

The movie follows the adventures and misadventures of seven friends in a college, namely Nikhil, Vicky, Suresh, Dhula, Pooja, Nisha and Isha. They are always up for some fun, frolic and fultoo time-pass, whether it is bunking classes, teasing each other, flirting with girls, playing pranks on teachers or going on trips. They also have their share of emotional moments, as they deal with their crushes, break-ups, family issues and career choices. As they approach the end of their college days, they realize that they have to face the reality of life and make some tough decisions. Will they be able to maintain their friendship and cherish their memories? Or will they drift apart and lose touch with each other?

The Cast and Crew of Days of Tafree Movie

The movie features a young and fresh cast of actors who play the roles of the seven friends. They are:

  • Yash Soni as Nikhil, the leader of the group who is smart, confident and charming.

  • Ansh Bagri as Vicky, the flirtatious and mischievous one who always falls in love with different girls.

  • Sanchay Goswami as Suresh, the innocent and naive one who is always bullied by his friends.

  • Nimisha Mehta as Pooja, the sweet and simple girl who is Nikhil's love interest.

  • Kinjal Rajpriya as Nisha, the bold and beautiful girl who is Vicky's love interest.

  • Sarabjeet Bindra as Dhula, the funny and loyal one who is always ready to help his friends.

  • Anuradha Mukherjee as Isha, the smart and sensible girl who is Suresh's love interest.

The movie also features Mamta Chaudhary as Vandana, Nikhil's sister who has a crush on Vicky. The movie is written and directed by Krishnadev Yagnik, who also made the original Gujarati film. The movie is produced by Anand Pandit and Rashmi Sharma under their banners Anand Pandit Motion Pictures and Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. The music is composed by SachinJigar.

Where to Watch Days of Tafree Movie Online?

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