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Steinberg The Grand 3 [WiN]

Three of the five pianos modelled in The Grand 3 are the Yamaha C7, the Bosendorfer 290 and the Steinway D. These offerings represent the very best in grand pianos and are the same models used in Ivory, QL Pianos, and two of the models in NI's Akoustik Piano. For the composer/producer who doesn't know his Steinway from a fish fillet, think of these as your Stratocaster, Les Paul and Telecaster of grands. To round out the sonic palette, The Grand 3 adds a Nordiska Pianofabriken upright and Yamaha CP80 Electric. These two aren't grand pianos, but let's not get caught up in semantics. Any upright is a welcome addition to a piano library and the CP80... well, think of it as a gift from your friends at Yamaha.

Steinberg The Grand 3 [WiN]


Yamaha C7The unparalleled tone of a Yamaha C7 grand was recorded in its whole beauty and musical range. Its incredible sound, resulting from the tonal projection and long sustain, and response with super realistic playing behavior delivers the musical equivalent of perfection. This virtual piano is truly in a class of its own and conveys the expressiveness of the player.

Steinway DThe enchanting depth of tone and ultra-responsive touch of the Steinway D grand piano is reflected in the Model D found in The Grand 3. Its warm and vibrantly rich sound and its overall performance simply make playing this virtual piano as enjoyable as possible.

Yamaha CP80The Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand is one of the most favorable classic electric grand pianos around and comes with built-in effects, such as tremolo, phaser, flanger and chorus. Here Steinberg has acquired the samples directly from the source: the content experts at Yamaha.

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In the Yamaha booth, attendees can experience a wide array of the latest products and technologies, such as the CFX grand piano, Revstar guitar line, DTX 10 electronic drum kit, and more to be announced at the show. The display will also feature products from Yamaha companies Bösendorfer, Line 6, Ampeg, and Steinberg. 041b061a72


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