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Save By Lavender Dreams Sims

sweet lavender dreams are made of these seeds. Not only is lavender a sure way to bring all the bees and butterflies to your garden, but you can also cut these flowers to make teas, linen spray and all sorts. Its scent is calming for the nerves and we owe many a good sleep to this one. why it's special: - Compact dwarf lavender, native to the UK. - Attracts pollinators and other beneficial insects. - Easily grown in containers or on a windowsill.

Save by Lavender Dreams Sims

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Long ago, you lived in a tiny village of little consequence, and you had a heart that was steady and true. Despite many warnings of the dangers, you often visited the Fae forest, intrigued by the magical stories you had heard since childhood. One day, your kindness compelled you to free a hungry wolf from a trap, and you were nearly eaten in return, only to be saved by a mysterious figure dressed in all black. That same night, while pulling water from a well, you discovered a strange red jewel with an unearthly gleam, and when you touched it, the jewel vanished. Suddenly, the veil of magic was pulled from your eyes, and the hidden world of Fae was revealed. Chased into the forest, you happened upon a Fae revel. The curious Fae showered you with attention, including Prince/Princess Radiance of the Sun Court, who invited you to return to the Sun Palace with him/her. Before you could answer however, the mysterious figure reappeared: It was the Night Prince/Princess in disguise, who came to claim you as payment for saving your life. Taken into the Prince/Princess's household as a servant, you were oddly drawn to the aloof, lonely Prince/Princess, and you shadowed her at every step. Despite his/her cold nature, there was a melancholy within him/her, and a sadness in his/her eyes that you knew all too well. Slowly, your kind and generous nature warmed the cold Prince/Princess's heart, and at night, you shared your secret passions in the world of dreams together. That being said, the Prince/Princess hid a secret, which was that he/she was cursed to walk the night as a mindless beast, seeking the scattered shards of his/her broken heart. Determined to help him/her, you discovered that you were the one that carried the last piece of the Prince/Princess's heart. Attacked one night by the beast, you fled to seek help from the Day Prince/Princess, whose promise of aid was but a ruse. Instead, he/she tricked you into trapping Kieran permanently as the beast, and threatened the world with eternal Summer. Battered, betrayed, but never broken, you stormed the Sun Palace with an army of the wild creatures of the forest who called the Moon Court home. Willing to risk your own life, the depth of your selfless love broke Kieran's curse, and restored him to his/her true self. Having triumphed over every obstacle thrown in the way, you and Kieran returned to the Moon Court to enjoy a time of peace and love. 041b061a72


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