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Bob Dylan - One More Cup Of Coffee (Official Audio)

According to Bob Dylan's official website, he has played the song live in concert 151 times, between 1975 and 2009.[21] His first concert performance of the song was during the Rolling Thunder Revue tour, on October 30, 1975.[1] Heylin felt that during the Rolling Thunder Revue tour, "all the best parts of the two arrangements now came together as a contiguous whole, supporting a truly haunting lead vocal."[11] During one of the 1975 shows, Dylan told the audience about his visit to the gypsy festival on his birthday, and meeting the "king of the gypsies". Dylan said that as he was leaving, after a week, he was asked if he wanted anything, and that he requested "a cup of coffee. Just one more cup of coffee for the road" and, having received one in a bag, he stood looking at the ocean and "it was like [I was] looking at it in the valley below where I was standing."[22] According to Trager, The Rolling Thunder Revue shows were "shaped by Scarlet Rivera's signature violin sound", whilst performances in 1978 were "dramatically transformed ... with an endearingly campy herky-jerky arrangement that included a sensual conga riff, a sax solo by Steve Douglas, and some fine vocals.[23] Dylan did not play the song live from December 1978 until June 1988, and them played it only eight times in six years, on what has been dubbed the "Never Ending Tour".[22]

Bob Dylan - One More Cup of Coffee (Official Audio)



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