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Changelog - DEFAULT V270.8475 18-01-2018Updated GraphicsNew Image EffectsDeepsky Fog systemReflection ProbesScreenspace shadowsAdded ingame front switching between Verdun and Tannenberg.Added Bullet penetration to VerdunAdded 1p gas choking animationAdjusted default controls:Prone F -> Left CtrlMelee V -> FUse B -> EVoice Chat E -> Left AltAdded match end game camera animationsAlways full accuracy through ironsights. With some weapons, especially pistols, accuracy wasn't always 100% when sighting. On longer distances this resulted in quite some deviation.Better out of the box controller supportAdjusted weapon values according to Bots adjustmentsChanged the shooting behavior of bots so they will no longer leave ADS after every shotBots can now perform melee attacksBots can now throw grenadesBots will now run away from enemy grenadesBots no longer walk while shootingSuppression nerf:Both melee and ranged: Lower strength, Quicker centertimeRanged: You can now only get so much flinches in a certain timeframeMelee suppression: Bayonets and flamethrower cause less flinchAdded recoil kick to LMGsHighered default terrain detail on Low Terrain quality so it is more accurate(Fixes people hiding in terrain or people actually being behind terrain althogh you don't see a terrain)Your gun will now always move a bit when holding breath while walking(was bugged before and exploitable)Performance improvements for generating the after action report when the match has endedDetect windows 7 issue that required admin privs and warn the user about thatYou can now create a private match without a password (admin password is still required)Fixed matchmaking bug: Lobby squads from 'Create squad' will now always try to join the room with most playersSlightly longer grenade throw time so animation doesn't look that franticAdded Resolution Scale: Renders the game at a fixed resolution relative to the screen resolution. Higher than 100% means more detail, less aliasing. Lower than 100% is could give performance gain on some machines at the cost of resolution.Graphics options: windowed mode, resolution and refresh rate now always matches the actual used values. Refresh rate is also no longer visible in windowed mode, because it's only used in full screenBots will no longer shake when not aiming at someoneWhen you miss the spawn wave because you were in the death camera animation, you'll now instantly spawn afterwardsYou can now toggle all text and voice chat with the chat commands "/textchat [on/off]" and "/voicechat [on/off]"Some network performance improvements: Reduced network messagesOptimized player data over networkNew medal for Verdun: "Most binoc kills"Cache account stats in memory to prevent lagspikes during gameplay (Arty kill and a few other instances)Updated multiplayer library. Thisupdate has a few minor performance improvements. Also fixes a rare disconnect issue.Fixed a die RPC sometimes being dropped, could fix a rare case where shots did not registerIncrease level load speed a tiny bit and reduce memory usageImproved tree rendering performanceFixed ground detectionYou can no longer close the loadout menu in Attrition and RDM before your first spawnLess death screams/gurglesGreatly reduce time between allowing matchmaking to place squads in 1 certain match(30 -> 15): Will reduce the amount of smaller side matches being created. Also increase time required before starting a new match (10 -> 30), also to prevent creating several smaller matches.When "Always show tactical view" is disabled, pressing the tactical view button will no longer open the view while chatting or changing squad name3p reload animation matches 1p animation more closelyFor all network room operations: ensure the list gives fullest rooms first so that we always try to join fullest rooms first.Fixed specific gore issue logs ('hoe vaak komt deze rare corpse use case voor', 'we destroy a corpse but..', 'at least make sure this doesn't hang death state')Fixed non-responding input when closing the loadout menu in RDM and AttritionFixed animation glitch when starting sprint during weapon unsightUpdate Douaumont: fixed access to fort stairs, fixed roof toehold, fixed hole in fort/terrain, fixed access to rooms/holes, fixed route up bunker.Removed unnecesary collion from very thin pigtails which might cause clunkiness and shots not registeringChanging the room size in a private match will now update the maximum number of players on the scoreboardHeadbob causes less cam hiccups when moving/stoppingYou'll no longer receiving points for ending a killstreak when you commit suicide or kill a friendlyYou can no longer get pushed by other playersInterrupting reload also stops reload soundsFixed health regen delay being 0 during first player lifeNow terminate the game with an error if we detect that steam didn't update properly, wil automatically verify files.Fix "" in username breaking online authRepeating weapon types will no longer spawn another case when the reloading/recharging has been interrupted and a case has already been ejectedGRENADE_TRAINING_3 now correctly gives extra scoreLoading screen will now show the correct weather when loading a new mapFixed bug where squad defence wins would count toward 'highest multi kill' stat instead of win streakWhen Squad Missing does happen, matchmaking will now ignore that game, unless you manually join itChat table won't grow out of screen anymore when filled with multiline labelsRemoved Fernglas inscriptions to make the binoculars generic for both sides.You can no longer deploy while jumpingMade it harder to stand on heads'bolt wrong' icon indicatorFix against displaying negative ammo in HUDAdded Discord Rich Presence support (Windows only). If you use Discords overlay, will show you what map & mode you are playing.Fixed syncing of inventory sometimes getting messed up when joining a game while someone is changing weaponsTexture quality less heavy on performanceGame will try to use your Steam name instead of nagging for a new name inputWhen joining a game, reduce incoming network messages by over 50%You can now abort reloading by clickingMade it less easy to spam the chat with walls of textYour previous role icon doesn't stay yellow anymore in score board after switching squadMelee shock should only be caused by running people with melee weapons also it shouldn't trigger unless enemy and victim are facing each otherOther players will now always spawn directly in their correct stanceSharpening is now a graphics settingAdded squad chat (default key: I)Tooltips stay longerRemoved deprecated screenshot function on F11 key which only messed with your screen.Voicechat is louderResolution setting now includes Refresh Rate settingBlackMill SplashscreenAmmo Crate re-fill is now on 'Use' button instead of 'Reload'The camera was sometimes rotated after spawningFixed melee ranges not always applying to melee weapons properly

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