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Cheapest Place To Buy Seresto Collars

Seresto flea & tick collars are deadly to your dogs and cats. STOP USING!!! 17000.00 deaths & over 75k complaints from customers. #PETDEATHS #Dogs #Cats #FleaCollars #deathofpets #serestoneedstorecall You are an irresponsible company! How dare you call yourself pet friendly.

cheapest place to buy seresto collars

I love the seresto collars for my dogs, We have three female dogs, beagle mix, Jack russel terrier and a lab/retriever . They all have been doing good with the collars for 2 years now. I would recommend

I have used these seresto collars for years on my golden retrievers with no problems until this year! I had a 14 year old and a two year old retriever. Bought the collars and in two months the older dog became sick. Vomiting, not eating, diarrhea. A month later the two year old started with neurological issues. Then would not eat, lost hair, could not walk, etc. Took off the collar and it took a full month for the dog to get back to normal. Our vet did all kinds of testing. Could not find any answers. I also suggested the flea collars could be the problem and it was shrugged off. We really do not know how these collars are made. Could some have more medication than others? Could the medication delivery vary from dog to dog? I myself am pissed off that this company has not stepped forward to provide any answers. The statements that many people are not buying the real seresto collars because they are not purchasing them from their vet is a cop out! I purchased mine at my vets office. I had even read the articles about the collars in question and discussed this before purchasing them. I lost one dog, the vet bills were astronomical, not to mention the suffering these animals have went through! 041b061a72


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