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How To Buy Opiates Online

That study showed that all but 10 of the 50 medications were cheaper in Mexico, and that U.S. consumers could save more than $1,000 annually by buying prescription medicines online from Mexican pharmacies.

how to buy opiates online


Buying more standard medications such as Protonix for heartburn or Spiriva for asthma online from Mexico was $186 and $155 cheaper per month than online in the U.S., respectively, the 2014 study shows.

Among those medications with lower U.S. prices were Lantus, the insulin for diabetes. That medication was about $116 cheaper per month from U.S. online suppliers than from Mexican online pharmacies. That could be because of the higher rates of diabetes in Mexico, raising demand and prices, Fullerton said.

Unbeknownst to them, he goes by Benjamin Chen online, where he has a whole other business: He is a popular seller of the chemicals used to make the potent synthetic opioid fentanyl. NPR has identified him but is not using his real name because of the illegal activity in which he's involved.

But more than a year later, Chinese vendors have tapped into online networks to brazenly market fentanyl analogs and the precursor chemicals used to make fentanyl, and ship them directly to customers in the U.S. and Europe as well as to Mexican cartels, according to an NPR investigation and research from the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, or C4ADS, a nonprofit data analysis group. (The center receives some of its funds from the U.S. and U.K. governments.)

Benjamin Chen is among the many vendors in the country who adopted these new strategies. He and his colleagues built up a robust online synthetic drug operation over the last decade at Shanghai Huilitongda Biological Technology Co. Ltd., which is registered as a pharmaceutical company, according to Chinese corporate records.

In September 2019, NPR managed to meet Chen at the industrial materials company where he works. He wore sneakers and a black zip-up hoodie. When asked about his online accounts, Chen ushered the reporter into a private conference room and quickly closed the door. His eyes darted around nervously, and he cleared his throat repeatedly

Facebook said in a statement to NPR that its online standards explicitly say "buying, selling or trading non-medical or pharmaceutical drugs is not allowed on Facebook. Any time we become aware of content on Facebook that is facilitating activity like drug sales, we remove it and have taken numerous measures to minimize the opportunity for these activities to take place on our platform." (Facebook is a financial supporter of NPR.)

U.S. law enforcement acknowledged struggling to curb this online fentanyl marketplace, in part because many of the transactions are encrypted. "We know it's happening. We still cannot get cooperation from major Internet companies, service providers, to be able to get into those devices that we know [drug cartels] are utilizing," the DEA's Donahue said.

For information about buying medicine online, visit the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) Web site For more information: Buying Medicine and Medical Products over the Internet from the FDA.

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Much like large online retailers, the anonymous online market consisted of photos of the product, reviews, and how to purchase. Soon after a product was up and sold, the seller and site would disappear.

Reports of lost or stolen prescription forms or pads must be reported to local law enforcement and CURES. Users registered with CURES can electronically report their lost or stolen prescription forms or pads online when logged into their CURES account. A law enforcement agency report number is required when submitting a report of lost or stolen prescription forms to CURES. 041b061a72


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