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[S1E2] Second Time Around

Well that concludes my second week of Gotham. I enjoyed my time in the city, but it was more like the second time one visits New York City for me this time around. I saw all the sights the first time, this time I noticed all the not-awesome of it. I have faith that they can pull themselves out of their rut, but I hope they do it quicker than the mid-season finale.

[S1E2] Second Time Around

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For a shot that lasts for only a few seconds, the production was careful to make the medals symbolically significant. The man Philip speaks with is dressed in native attire, but his medals show that he has made major sacrifices for the Commonwealth and the Crown. Starting on the right, the man wears the War Medal 1939-1945, which means that the man served full-time in the armed forces for at least a month during World War II. (Philip has that one.) Next, the golden star on the yellow striped ribbon is the Africa Star, which means that he fought in the North African Campaign. (Philip has that one, too.) The other star is the 1939-1945 Star, which also honors his World War II service. (Philip has that one as well.)

This time however ... well, we'll kindly take a beat to let you know that this recap of the second episode of the country music drama will include some major spoilers. Ep. 2 of Monarch ended with another big twist before the timeline flash-forwarded to Albie's dark deed. If you're not here for spoilers or you missed Ep. 1, enjoy this recap.

The second issue, to put it delicately, is that Lucian is having it off with one of the locals. Paola (Carolina Gonnelli) is a maid at the hotel, and the pair have some chemistry, as we can surmise from their romantic encounter in the kitchen. She is also a valued staff member, as demonstrated by the miracle meal she whipped up for the guests out of Billy's fishy haul. The unfortunate fact for Paola is that, while she is in love with Lucian and demonstrably jealous of any woman he spends time with, his attraction to her is physical only. He doesn't see her as a potential wife.

Arriving in London, Lyra is simply ecstatic. One of her first adventures is lunch at the Arctic Institute with Mrs. Coulter. Unable to contain her excitement and wonder, Lyra flits about the room. But, Mrs. Coulter gets her to behave. When Lyra brings up looking for Roger (Lewin Lloyd) for the second time that day, Mrs. Coulter asks Lyra to trust her to handle it. She entices Lyra with the prospect of wielding power and having knowledge that none of the other scholars do.

CHAPTER TWOThe Weirdo on Maple StreetSeasonEpisodeOverall122Premiere dateJuly 15, 2016Runtime55:43Written byThe Duffer BrothersDirected byThe Duffer BrothersEpisode GuidePreviousNext"The Vanishing of Will Byers""Holly, Jolly"Timeline"Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street" is the second episode of Stranger Things and the second episode of the first season. It was written and directed by the Duffer Brothers and premiered on Netflix on July 15, 2016 along with the rest of the first season.

Searching Sattler Quarry, Hopper warns Callahan not to get too close to the edge of the cliff, as the fall would mean certain death. He gets a call from secretary Florence, informing him of a situation at Benny's Burgers. The police arrive to find Benny Hammond dead, his body staged as a suicide. Powell remarks that the influx of situations must remind Hopper of his time as a city cop, but he responds that he did not know most of the people he investigated, and Hammond was his friend. After school, Lucas and Dustin go to Mike's, the former incredulous that Eleven is still there. Mike tells them about her identifying Will, and asks if it is a coincidence that they found her where Will disappeared. When he repeats her worries about the "bad men," Lucas tries to leave the room to tell Karen, but when he tries to open the door, it slams shut on its own. The boys turn around to see Eleven with her nose bleeding.

Shawn Walker: This is this the sort of second case we want to discuss here is that initially as COVID started to come into the radar, and as the CDC started discuss mask wearing and other other items, the CDC came out and said that we really want to save mass for clinical workers to protect them, because our PPE is in short supply. So let's not wear masks, they're not going to be that effective outside of a clinical setting. But that narrative has changed over time. Right?

Shawn Walker: And this also connects back to our previous discussion around sort of the CDC and breeding information in a different time. So this might have been true in the past. This was the best We best evidence we had now I'm bringing that old information into a new recent conversation. So we're mixing all of these together. So that's the other piece is that it's not like, you know, these four different sort of situations and tactics that we're discussing happens separately. It's oftentimes, bits and pieces of them have come together in one space to cause even more confusion. 041b061a72


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