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./configure --prefix=/usr make make install if you want the package to be installed in a different location, you must pass this location on to the configure script by specifying the --prefix parameter, as described above. if you omit the --prefix parameter, the package will be installed in your home directory.



if you encounter any bugs, please report them to the web page. if you cannot find the correct answer to your question, please ask on the mailing lists . if theres a specific project for which you need help, try posting a question on the specific projects web forum .

  • if you modify this software (for any purpose), and continue to distribute such modified versions, then you must: credit cmb by inserting a header that includes a clear and accurate reference to this page ( ) and credit derobert, davis and sauer by including the copyright notice for cmb given at the top of the file where you modified the code.

  • when you distribute the modified software, provide the same credit as given above

  • make it clear that cmb is free software and come with no warranty do you offer any guarantee on the software quality?

  • offer the source code for your modified version. please consider that some users, may not know how to view, make changes and modifiy it.

  • give a copy of your license if you are sharing your modified version with others.


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